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Lamp Recycling

Pre-Paid Recycling

If you live in one of the contiguous United States you can recycle lamps easily and conveniently, in full EPA compliance, with our pre-paid lamp recycling program.

It couldn't be easier! Here's how it works:

  1. The fee includes the container for the lamps, all shipping charges and recycling costs. There are no hidden charges.
  2. Mercury Technologies of Minnesota will ship the container to you.
  3. Fill the container with used lamps.
  4. When the container is full, follow the shipping instructions.
  5. A Certificate of Recycling will be issued for your records.
The containers are available in three sizes.
  • 4 foot box holds up to 70 lamps
  • 8 foot box holds up to 40 lamps
  • Small box for compact fluorescent, HID, and incandescent lamps- restrictions apply.

While used fluorescent lamps are hazardous waste; the Universal Waste Rule makes it easier to recycle them by allowing the use of a common carrier, instead of a certified hazardous waste hauler, for shipment of the lamps to a recycling facility.

The fluorescent lamp recycling program is a winner!

It's easy, convenient, and in full EPA compliance. Contact Mercury Technologies of Minnesota now, by email or phone (800) 864-3821, to begin recycling.

Mercury Techologies of Minnesota, Inc.
Pine City Industrial Park, PO Box 13
Pine City, MN 55063-0013
(800) 864-3821 | (320) 629-7888 | (320) 629-7799 FAX

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